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Q. What is the Norwex Microfibre warranty?


At Norwex we are proud of our unique, high quality microfibre and want you to be as thrilled as we are with the product.  We are happy to assist you with any item that did not meet your expectations.  Our 2-year microfibre warranty covers any problem you may encounter outside of normal wear and tear.  If you are not pleased with how a microfibre product has worn or performed you may contact your Consultant to have the item replaced, at no additional charge, through Norwex Customer Service Returns.

Q. What are the benefits of cleaning with Norwex Microfibre?


Microfibre cloths are environmentally friendly. They may reduce the consumption of cleaning chemicals in your home up to 90% while at the same time reducing your exposure to toxic fumes. This can make a big difference for anyone with allergies and chemical sensitivities. Microfibre cloths are very durable and can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Q. What makes Norwex Microfibre a preferred choice?


Norwex microfibre is a blend of polyester and polyamide. This fiber is 1/200th the size of a strand of human hair. When this high-quality microfibre is combined with the right knitting process, it creates an extremely effective cleaning material. This material can hold up to seven times its weight in matter. Used dry the static effect created enhances the microfibre’s ability to attract dirt and dust particles. As you lightly wipe the surface, the microfibre attracts and draws up even the smallest particles of dust, trapping them in the fibres. Used wet the microfibres work together to give an excellent cleaning effect. Wet, wring and wipe away dirt and debris from all washable surfaces. For spot removing, spray water on the surface being cleaned. Norwex microfibre is backed with an exceptional Warranty of 2 years or 500 washings.

Q. What is Norwex antibacterial Microfibre?


Our antibacterial microfibre is one of the most innovative products in the industry! Norwex has developed a unique technology that combines an antibacterial silver-based agent with our microfibre. The antibacterial agent is actually embedded inside the tiny microfibre. The agent is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold, and/or mildew growth within the cloth.

Why is the antibacterial agent in Norwex Microfibre an important feature?

The silver antibacterial fiber has self purification properties. The agent is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold, and/or mildew growth within the cloth.

Q. Why is Norwex Microfibre made in China?


China is known to be a world leader in the textile industry. Some of the best and comprehensive home textile and microfibre production in the world is from China.

If you are going to create the best microfibre in the world you go to the best microfibre manufacturers.

Norwex owns the factory in China and has a very strict quality control system in place.

Norwex China is committed to follow the guidelines of the UN Global Compact on how they treat and manage staff involved in the production of microfibre, including our suppliers.

All factory staff members are Norwex employees and enjoy all the benefits associated with being part of the Norwex Team.

Norwex has stringent requirements, which control everything from the raw material requirements to conformance levels and each production is evaluated strictly according to our standards.

Testing is continuously done to ensure a quality product.

Any microfibre product not meeting Norwex standards are recycled.

Q. What are the proper washing and care instructions for Norwex Microfibre?


To save the environment and reduce the use of detergents, we suggest that slightly dirty cloths and mops be washed with a little Dishwashing Liquid under warm running water and used again before laundering.

Launder microfibre with other lint-free laundry

Use only Norwex Ultra POWER Plus™ or another environmentally friendly detergent without fillers and bleach to clean our products

Do not use bleach or fabric softener on microfibre. Bleach and fabric softeners destroy the product’s ability to clean effectively

To deep clean, remove stubborn stain or to remove odors from cloths, Norwex microfibre can be boiled for 10 minutes to allow fibres to swell and release the debris.

Do not use on anti-glare coated surfaces

Use our Rubber Brush to remove dirt and debris from the mop pads between laundering

Q. Where can I use Norwex Microfibre?


The Norwex cleaning system can be used most anywhere cleaning is required – home, office, vehicles, recreation equipment and even personal care.

Q. Why do Microfibre cloths sometimes smell?


Microfibre cloths may smell if the proper care instructions are not followed or if the water in your home or office is hard and high in mineral content. Only use environmentally friendly soaps without fillers when you are laundering to prevent the microfibre pores from being clogged and causing odor. If your cloths smell we recommend trying one of the following suggestions: washing them in hot water, soaking overnight in Norwex Ultra POWER Plus™ laundry detergent and washing in hot water, or boiling for 10 minutes to remove any build-up on the fibres.

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Q. Is there a proper way to clean with the mop?


Always dry mop with the Dry Mop Pad or Dry Superior Mop Pad prior to using the Wet Mop Pad. The yellow mop pads are for “dry” cleaning, and the blue mop pads which are antibacterial are for “wet” cleaning. Be sure to move the mop in a wide figure-8 pattern from left to right in front of you, bringing the mop towards you as you back up so that you will be moving the dirt and debris in one direction. When wet mopping, moisten the mop with clean water before using. If the mop is too wet, wring it out prior to use.

Q. What is the difference between the Dry Mop Pad and the Dry Superior Mop Pad?


The Dry Mop Pad is made of 100% polyester while the Dry Superior Mop Pad is made of 100% Norwex microfibre and boasts all the benefits of microfibre in its ability to pickup and hold the smallest particles of dust, pet hair, micro particles and debris and hold water.

Q. How do I use the mop to clean my windows and polish hard to reach areas?


Attach the Mop Base Brackets onto the top side of the Mop Base and fasten the Window Cloth, EnviroCloth™ or Car Cloth  in place by wrapping it around the Mop Base and firmly pressing the cloth into the rubber grommet slits on the Mop Base Brackets. Lock the base by pushing the green lever until it locks into position.

Q. How do I assemble the mop?


Loosen the Telescopic Mop Handle by twisting the upper blue handle to the left. Pull gently to nose height. Tighten the handle by gently twisting to the right. To attach the Mop Base to the Telescopic Mop Handle, depress the green bumps on the Mop Base and slide the Telescopic Handle over until the green bumps fit into the holes. To lock the base for doing walls and ceilings, push the blue lever until it locks into position. Attach the Wet Mop Pad, Dry Mop Pad, Dry Superior Mop Pad, or the Tile Mop Pad to the Mop Base.